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Jean-Christian ROstagni
Jean-Christian Rostagni is a French photographer who lost his way from his native Rhône Valley to the south of the United States. He pursues fine art photography through a complex assemblage of topics ranging from nature to politically related events. Much of his work challenges the status quo and reflects his commitment to social justice .

Jean-Christian Rostagni's photographs blend the American and French schools of photography in a unique way that exhibits superb technical mastery and a talent for capturing defining moments. His work and ideas have been published by Le Monde and other publications. His prints are sought by a small, but growing number of visionary photography collectors. He has been a contributor to Photo techniques magazine for over 10 years.

He may be contacted at 919-416-1111 or through the email linked on his website.
Jean-Christian Rostagni' s work is made possible with the support of those manufacturers:
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